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Inspiring Travelers with Disabilities: Role Models and Influencers to Follow

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Inward and Outward Journeys for people with Disabilities

Before we can fully appreciate the joys of travel to new local or international destinations, we need to appreciate ourselves and our journeys to find ourselves.  For people with disabilities, this can be even more complicated.  That’s why a life coaching company like Voyage Through Disability LLC, can take you on your inward journey to help you prepare for your IRL travel or any other goals you have.  A life coach supports you in making your unique life plan that fits your needs and desires.  Through weekly, virtual meetings the life coach then helps you in breaking the larger plan into smaller steps and gives you someone who will help you revise your plan, if needed, as well as celebrate your successes with you.  Life coaching can help with large decisions and small ones.  Whether you are trying to decide on career training, world travel, or simply how to stop doom-scrolling to be more present in your own life, coaching may be right for you.  If you are curious, check out www.voyagethroughdisability.com. 

Real-world travel is a magical experience that allows people to explore new cultures, expand horizons, and create memories. However, for individuals with disabilities, traveling may come with unique challenges. Fortunately, there are numerous role models and influencers in the travel industry who have disabilities.

People with disabilities face various obstacles while traveling, including limited accessibility, lack of information about accessible destinations, and a general lack of awareness about their unique travel needs. However, thanks to influential figures who are passionate about inclusive travel, these barriers are slowly being broken down.

One travel blogger is Cory Lee who has visited more than 50 countries across six continents and is a wheelchair user. Through his blog, Curb Free with Cory Lee, he shares his experiences, tips, and advice regarding wheelchair accessible travel. Lee’s pursuit of adventure has motivated many others, highlighting that disability should not hinder one’s ability to explore the world.

Srin Madipalli, the founder of Accomable, an online platform that offers detailed information on accessible accommodations worldwide. Madipalli, who has a neuromuscular condition, recognized the lack of resources for disabled travelers and took matters into his own hands. By creating Accomable, he has revolutionized the way travelers with disabilities can find suitable and accessible accommodations, empowering a community that was commonly overlooked.

The rise of social media has also played a crucial role in empowering travelers with disabilities, as influencers utilize platforms to share their journeys, provide advice, and build communities. One such influencer is Chelsie Hill, a wheelchair user who co-founded the non-profit organization, The Rollettes. Through her captivating posts and videos, Hill has become an inspiring voice in the disability and travel community, encouraging others to embrace their dreams of exploring the world.

If exploring the outer world is your goal, an initial step is to follow travel bloggers’ journeys.  If exploring your inner world is your goal, an initial step is to hire an affordable life coach.  

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