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Moving during COVID-19: Safety precautions to take

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Moving during COVID-19: Safety Precautions to Take

The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably impacted our lives in more ways than one. From wearing masks to social distancing, we have become familiar with a whole new set of safety precautions. Amidst this new normal, many people find themselves in positions that require them to move to a new location. However, moving during these uncertain times can be challenging and daunting. In this article, we will discuss important safety precautions to take while moving, particularly for residents in Toronto seeking the assistance of moving companies.

1. Research Local Protocols: Before embarking on your move, it is crucial to stay informed about the current safety protocols in Toronto. The guidelines provided by health authorities and local government will help you understand the dos and don’ts while moving, ensuring that you and your family remain safe throughout the process.

2. Choose a Reliable and Responsible Moving Company: Since moving requires professional assistance, it is vital to select a reputable moving company, especially during these times. Look for a company that not only emphasizes safety but also has established protocols in place to protect their clients and employees. Consider reading reviews and seeking recommendations from friends or family to find a trustworthy moving company in Toronto.

3. Virtual Estimates: In order to minimize contact, many moving companies are now offering virtual or online estimates. Instead of having an estimator come to your home, these estimates can be conducted via video calls or other digital platforms. This way, you can obtain an accurate quote without putting yourself or others at risk of potential exposure to the virus.

4. Discuss Safety Measures with the Moving Company: Prior to booking a moving company in Toronto, have a detailed conversation about the safety measures they have in place. Ask questions regarding their sanitizing procedures, whether masks and gloves will be worn by their staff, and if they adhere to social distancing guidelines. A reliable moving company will be transparent about their safety protocol and prioritize the health and wellbeing of their clients.

5. Packing Precautions: When packing your belongings, it is advisable to do it yourself whenever possible. By handling it personally, you can ensure that the necessary sanitation measures are taken into account. Clean and disinfect your belongings before packing them, and use new packing materials to avoid any potential contamination. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling any items.

6. Sanitization: Prior to moving day, thoroughly clean and sanitize your current home. Pay close attention to high-touch areas such as doorknobs, light switches, and countertops. Similarly, sanitize your new home before moving in. Create a checklist of areas to disinfect and use proper cleaning supplies to minimize any risk of contamination.

7. Limited Physical Interaction: On moving day, limit physical contact between yourself, the movers, and anyone else involved in the process. Maintain a safe distance and wear masks throughout the day. If possible, have only one family member present to oversee the moving process, reducing the number of people involved.

8. Flexible Scheduling: Due to the current situation, it is important to be flexible with your moving plans. Delays and unforeseen circumstances may arise, so it is essential to communicate openly with the moving company and be prepared for any necessary adjustments to the schedule.

In conclusion, moving during the COVID-19 pandemic requires extra caution and attention to safety. By following these precautions, residents in Toronto can ensure a smooth and secure move while minimizing the risk of virus transmission. Remember to stay informed, choose a reliable moving company, and take necessary sanitization measures to protect both yourself and others. With careful planning and adherence to protocols, you can successfully navigate the challenges of moving during these unprecedented times.

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