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The Best Fragrant Plants for Your Garden

by buzzwiremag.com

A garden is among the most aesthetically appealing elements any homeowner can add to their home. One aspect that can enhance your garden’s charm is having fragrant plants. The beautiful and welcoming aroma from such plants when they bloom or are touched, make you want to spend long hours in your garden. But which are the best fragrant plants for your garden? The following are some options worth considering.

First, you may want to plant gardenia. This plant has a unique fragrance that is sweet, and with a hint of floral. The aroma can fill your garden, making it very fragrant and beautiful. The good news is that even when these plants are not in bloom, they still leave a pleasing aroma.

The second plant to consider is jasmine. Again, jasmine has an amazing scent that is soothing and uplifting at the same time. It has a unique scent that has been used in perfumes for many years. You can use jasmine to form a hedge, climbing wall, or trellis, and it will spruce up your garden’s fragrance.

Next, lavender is among the most known fragrant plants, and for a good reason. This plant has a sweet, relaxing scent that has been known to have therapeutic properties, too. It is also drought-resistant, which means you do not need as much water as you would with other plants.

Another plant to add to your garden is rose. Roses come in different colors and fragrances. Having a row of these beautiful flowers in your garden will leave your garden smelling heavenly.

The fifth plant on this list is Peony. This flower is simply wonderful. Its strong floral scent is perfectly balanced with a hint of spice, creating a natural perfume. Additionally, these plants yield big and beautiful blooms that come in different colors such as pink, red, white, and yellow.

Finally, adding verbena to your garden can provide an exceptional fragrance. This plant has a citric fragrance that is very pleasant. The plant is also drought-resistant and enjoys the sun, making it perfect for summer gardening.

In conclusion, when planning to add fragrance to your garden, consider the plants that bloom at different seasons to ensure you have a fragrant garden year-round. Varying colors, sizes, and bloom shapes will also make your garden look more beautiful. Your garden is, after all, the first area visitors may notice when entering your home, and an array of fragrant plants will leave them with a lasting impression.

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